I get naked but my chastity belt waiting quietly for my wife's appearance

It's Friday evening. Time for my weekly performance review.

After a couple of weeks in my chastity device, I am almost sure that my slate is clear this week. I have not taken notice of any demerit, so I willingly proceed as usual.

I get naked but my chastity belt, kneel down in the sitting room and with my hands on my head, I wait quietly for my wife's appearance.

I get a bit confused when she finally shows herself, in her elegant outgoing outfit, but she soon explains herself.

Sorry dear, I know I should have taken my notebook with me to check your performance but I am really in a hurry.

I have a date with my girlfriends to go to the ballet and to have dinner, so I have not time to deal with you right now. But let's make an agreement! Let's forget about you supposed demerits during this week and trade them by a little penance. I am going to turn the alarm system on. If you stay still just like you are now, I won't receive any alarm call in my cell phone and I will release you when I am back, for a great night of sex.

Otherwise, if you move enough to activate the alarm system, I will be informed and you will stay locked in chastity for at least, another week. Deal? Don't waste time answering me; the alarm's countdown is already on its way, so I have to leave. Night!

You will stay locked in chastity for at least, another week