I made sure each lick landed perfectly on your balls and with force as well

I must say you took those kicks well. I made sure each one landed perfectly on your balls and with force as well. I do this to guys a lot and normally they start begging me to stop or fall to the ground before the 50 kick is up. Not you, when I told you I would like to punish you by kicking you in the testicles 50 times you agreed without question. Some times men cry when they see the shoes I like to use but you were ok with it. I'm impressed with how you behaved I really am.

I see you balls are a bit swollen and there are some bruises so it was painful for you but you took it all the same. While I am proud of you I need to ensure you have learned your lesson. I am sorry to say but I need to torture your testicles a lot more but I think you are going to be ok with that.

I'll take you back to my house there I can find out what it is going to take to break you. I have a vice that I will slowly flatten you balls in. I have needles as well both normal ones and the ones with barbs on them. I will make you feel both kinds in each testicle that will really hurt you. Then I'll run electric current though your balls using the needles. That should get some screams out of you.

Once we have had fun with all that I have some thing special for you. I have been given a special acid in a syringe. It is designed so that it can be injected into the centre of a testicle and it slowly burns and dissolves it from the inside out. In small doses it causes intense pain in the victim's testicles for around an hour. In larger doses it can cause permanente damage to the victim. If enough is used it can completely destroy a testicle over the course of many hours.

If you are really good I will only inject the acid into one of your testicles. Come on follow me, breaking you is going to be very enjoyable.

I need to torture your testicles a lot more