I need to know she has cuckolded me in our marital bed

We've never really discussed what she does but she knows I'm aware of her infidelity. During the three years we've been married we've developed a little ritual we go through almost every Saturday night. While she's getting ready to go out with her friends we flirt and kiss and cuddle. She might rub herself against me seductively or even allow her hand to slide across my crotch.

I can feel how excited she is becoming. At this point she is using me to build up the heat shell need for later. When she's ready she turns and bares her backside to me. Neither of us speak during this part. I drop to my knees and kiss her arse giving her my tacit approval to go out and fuck.

I don't kiss her pussy though, because we both know that tonight that is for another man or men. But I can smell it. In an instant she is gone leaving me on my knees with the smell of her desire in my nostrils and my hand pulling my cock out for the first furious wank of the night. Tonight my wife will stay at her friend Jill's house. Jill is a complete slut and for all I know they will share several men in the course of the night. They certainly do in my fantasies.

When she returns on Sunday afternoon my cock is raw and my balls empty, which is just as well because her pussy is usually too sore for sex for a couple of days anyway. My only regret about all this is that we haven't managed to really talk about it. I want to tell her that it's OK and that she can fuck other men in our house, our bed, if she wants to. As many men as she wants, every night of the week if she needs to.

The thought of going to sleep in the spare room with the sounds of her lust in my ears or going to work having peeped on of her having a last fuck in the shower before going to bed is an incredible turn on. I want to tell her that finding cum stains on her clothes after a night out with her friends is wonderful but I want to find cum stains on our sheets. I need to know she has cuckolded me in our marital bed.

We both know that pussy is for another man