I pull back my wife's panties and look I feel a shudder all over She really did it

I pull back my wife's panties and look. I feel a shudder all over. She really did it! Oozing out of her pussy is another man's cum. She had sex with another guy! I'm delighted! It took me a long time to convince her that I really wanted this, and that it would be a huge turn on to think that she's having sex with other guys!

I fall to my knees, and tell her that I want to eat out her pussy right now! I'm wild with lust and desire, and I must taste her pussy now! She consents, sitting on the edge of her bed and spreading her legs to give me access to her special place. As I lick her, she tells me that after seeing me eat another man's cum out of her pussy, she doesn't think she could ever have sex with me again.

She says that from now on, she'll only have sex with other guys. I can't help but to smile. Nothing could turn me on more. Yes! Yes!!!

I'm delighted