I sat up here like this all tied up and then my lover would torture me a little

"It's called a horse. I sat up here like this all tied up. Then Tom would torture me a little."

"Torture you?!"

"Not like that," she giggled, "he'd put weights on my nipples or slap my ass or my belly or my tits- he loved to slap my tits... Just little torments which over time, with the horse on my pussy made me a little nuts..." she faded off. Michelle was showing me her husband's old playroom. Kind of the Marquis de Sade man cave.

"And you liked it?"

She smiled, "I did- a lot... Maybe some day you'll do this for me."

"Ok, maybe, but I'm not sure I could hurt you..."

"Even if I wanted it, even if I begged you to? Because it excites me a lot!" I stared up at Michelle, widowed for 2 years at 37, gorgeous, horny & so sweet & realized that I was already hard again from seeing her like that.

"Remember the other night when you spanked me?" I nodded remembering how hot it was. "That hurt a little, but was so hot!" I laughed remembering how totally fired up she was after, fucking like a wild hellcat! "Well it's like that plus some..."


"Pull on my nipples sweetie... slap my titties, get me real hot then you can bend me over the horse & fuck me real good!"

Submissive widow likes to be tortured