I tell my hisband all about my latest lover

I tug on my husband's cock as I tell him all about my latest lover. I tell him about how my lover took me out on a romantic date, and how I flirted with him all night long.

Then I tell hubby how I seduced my new man, and got him to take me up to his apartment. I tell hubby all the details of how he was in bed, and make sure to emphasize just how much better of a lover he is than my husband!

I make sure to let hubby know that he's not a real man anymore in my mind, and that I don't think I could ever have sex with him again. But for being understanding and letting me go out to date younger, more verile men, I'd reward him with the occasional hand-job.

Once my husband shoots his load, I make him go down on me, and have him lick my pussy to get out all of the cum my lover left inside of me. Hubby's so good at that!

Its about all he's good for unfortunately. Good thing I learned about cuckolding, and that I turned him into one! Now we're both so happy.

How much better of a lover he is than my husband