I took the lock from her, slipped it through the hole, locked it, and handed her the key

After the wedding ceremony before all our family and friends, my wife and I went back to the hotel where the real ceremony took place. In this one, I was the bride. She dressed me up in sexy black lingerie, cuffed me, and put my slave collar on. She wore a tux, with a visible bulge in her pants from her strap-on. We exchanged vows where I swore to love, honor and obey her in all things. She swore to love, control and dominate me in all things.

I signed the papers giving her full control of all my financial assets, my house, my BMW, everything. I knelt down and sucked her strap-on, getting it nice and wet for what was to come next. She bent me over the bed and fucked me with it, reminding me that she was the man of the house, and I would be her feminized slave.

She then had me stand in the tub, and chained my wrists to the curtain rod, along with tight chains from my collar to make it so that I couldn't move. She laid back on the bed, right in my sight, and I watched as all four of my groomsmen came in one by one and took turns fucking her. I could hardly contain the erection in my panties, bulging out as I desperately wanted to cum! It was only after I went down on my new "wife" (really, my husband now), and ate out all of the cum, that I was allowed to jerk myself off.

I tried to make the most of it, knowing it was a one-time thing. When I was done, I took the chastity cage from her, and put it on. I took the lock from her, slipped it through the hole, locked it, and handed her the key. I knew full well that I might never be allowed to get hard again, let alone have another orgasm.

I would have to earn it, by showing her my full subservience. I was her slave now, a chaste cuckold, who would never have sex with her. Yet I loved her more than anything, and accepted all of this willingly. I was ready to start my new life.

I was ready to start my new life