I will kick you lightly and gradually add more force to prolong the CBT punishment

Hi there, I have been waiting here for you.

I got in because You gave me a key to your apartment remember? I hope you don't have any plans tonight

Good to hear because this will take a while. I see you can suspect some thing is wrong and you look worried. Well you should be worried because I am hear to punish you then I am leaving.

What! You don't know why you are been punished? You should, you have disappointed me. You have not been the man you promised. I see you have tried too please me but it is not enough. I have made my decision and you may think what I am about to do is cruel or unfair but I just you will respect me and cooperate?

That's good to hear and thank you, this punishment is important to me.

Firstly take off your clothes. Next you see that string on the table? Tie it around your testicles so its nice and tight. Good, good they look ready. Next take the hand cuffs and cuff your arms behind your back.

Now for your sentence, I am sure you would like to know your fate? You see how your balls are very vulnerable tied like that? That is exactly how I want them; they won't be able to slip off to the side when kicked. Instead they will absorb the full force of each impact. The advantage of this is much more pain form a kick and much more damage. The pain is always important but the damage part is too because I plan to destroy your testicles tonight. I think this is the prefect way to end our relationship with me slowly destroying you. While you suffer pain for my pleasure and pay the ultimate price. To start with I will kick you lightly and gradually add more force to prolong the punishment. I'm going to enjoy watching your testicles swell up in your sac before they pop. Now step forward and present your balls for punishment.

Good boy. If you are ready then I would like to begin.

I plan to destroy your testicles tonight