If you have any tease and denial fetishes go ahead and tell me

When you told me about your tease and denial fetish I'm sure you had no idea how much I would embrace it. How I would make sure that every moment I had I would tease you to the utmost of my ability making sure you were as hard and horny as a possibly could, or how I would deny you completely from any and all orgasms without mercy.

However I'm sure given how much I embraced your tease and denial fetish you will not be surprised at how much I embrace your shiny fetish that you confessed to me last night. Any time we are alone you can be sure I will be wearing one of the many outfits I bought like this one: shiny spandex, latex, rubber and vinyl in many styles and colors all of them skin tight.

I think in the back of your mind you were hoping I would stop focusing on the tease and denial and focus only on the shiny, but there really is no reason I can't do both.

If you have any more fetishes go ahead and tell me.

Outfits I bought: shiny spandex, latex and vinyl