I'll be seeing another man a lot from now on

Do you remember how much you wanted me back when we first met? Knowing that I was dating Tony made me so desirable to you, and you just had to have me! Even though you knew he was having sex with me every day, you would stop at nothing until I was your girl. But now, all these years later, your passion has cooled, and we hardly ever make love anymore unless its a special occasion, or you're drunk. Even then, its more like a chore for both of us, and we don't get the pleasure from it that we used to. You agree, right? Good.

You see, in order to rekindle our passion, I've started to date Tony again. I was just out with him tonight in fact! He took me to dinner, and I flirted with him in front of everybody. Then he took me dancing. I let him buy me drinks. I let him hold me close as we slow-danced. And then I let him take me back to his place, where we shared a bottle of wine, and made out on the couch.

I can see from the bulge in your pants that you like what I did! Lets go into the bedroom, and I'll tell you the rest of what went on, as you make love to me. Let me give you a hint: you won't have to worry about getting me wet. There is still a lot of moisture (and something else special!) inside me right now. As you make love to me, I'll tell you all about what a good lover Tony is. I just knew that dating him would give us that spark again! I'll be seeing him a lot from now on.

I let him hold me close