I'm not going to let you out of your chastity cage just yet

I'm sorry, baby, but you know I'm not going to let you out of your chastity cage just yet. You still have two months to go. That was the deal the last time I let you out, remember? I let you whack off while I played with my boobs, in exchange for putting you in that cage without release for three months. It's not my fault it only took you ten seconds to blow your load back then, is it?

"It's my hair that got you all worked up, isn't it? Yes, I just dyed it red - don't you find it pretty? So much better than my boring brown from before. Oh, that's right; you always said one of your fantasies was to fuck a redhead. Well, consider this half of your fantasy. Of course, you won't get to fuck me for a long while, but think of it this way; this gives you something to look forward to. Just picture my hair flying about as you take me from behind and fuck me hard.

"That hair got me a lot of attention earlier today when I was out. Well, my hair, and my dress. I don't know if you've noticed, but I've decided to start wearing clothes that show off my body a bit more. Men keep telling me I look hot, so I may as well play it up a bit. Take this dress, for example, nice and tight, lots of cleavage, and lots of leg. And I was wearing those super high heels I have, and I swear men were drooling when I walked by. Of course I had to be careful sitting down or leaning over lest I flash my ass to everyone around. Not that anybody would have minded, I think...

"There was this guy, he was so cute - he kept following me around, probably hoping that I would flash him. And I was so tempted to just drop my purse and bend over to pick it up and show him my perfect ass. He was good looking, too, tall and well built, with very kissable lips. When I got the nerve to talk to him, he couldn't help stare at my boobs the whole time. It was such a turn-on you wouldn't believe. I just wanted him to grab one of my tits and squeeze, hard.

"So I decided to invite him out for a drink. I'm off to meet him now. His name's Robert. Yes, in case, you're wondering, that's why I'm wearing this lipstick right now. Did you ever notice how blood red lipstick just drives men crazy? The only thing they seem to think about is how your lips would look like wrapped around their cock. And when you're giving head and your lips stains their cock red, they just lose it - I bet it's making them think that they're taking your mouth's cherry, like they're the first guy fucking your mouth. I'm hoping that Robert feels that way. I've been itching to swallow a thick hard shaft for a few days now. Fuck, I'm getting wet just thinking of it. I'm probably drooling cunny juice all over my thong.

"Oh, I'm sorry, is your little dickie trying to get all hard in its cage, imagining your perfect wife kneeling in front of this man and sucking on his cock like a common whore? Its okay - only two months to go before you can relieve that pressure. I'll let you take your little dickie out then, and you can jerk off again. Who knows, if I'm in a good mood, maybe I'll wear this exact same dress for you and show you how much you can see when I bend over, you know, to give you something to whack off to?"

Your little dickie trying to get hard in its cage