It really gets him off to think that he's stealing another man's woman

Well, I did it hubby! I let another man fuck me! Me, a married woman! It was a guy at work who's been hitting on me for a long time. He likes married women because they don't cling to him. Plus, it really gets him off to think that he's stealing another man's woman! Oh, and it WAS good!

He was so gentle at first, as he kissed my mouth, caressed my breasts, and fingered me until I was wetter than a high school virgin! But when he took out his cock, he demanded that I suck it! And I did! It was huge!

My jaw ached just trying to stay open as he pushed it past my lips and into my throat! It tasted so good and was so smooth! When he just helps it deep in my throat, I could feel it throbbing and pulsing! Oh, it felt good to make a man that horny for me! But when he pulled it out of my mouth, he turned into an animal!

He pushed me down, roughly spread my legs, pinned my hips down, and... Hubby? Do you want to hear any more? You look kinda pale, and I can't help but notice that wet spot in the front of your pants...

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I did it - I let another man fuck me