It was so humiliating to be fondled like that by a complete stranger

Your wife invited you to your bedroom this morning, a rarity ever since she decided that you two should sleep in separate rooms.

Well, it wasnt really her decision, was it? Tyrone kind ot decided for her, and she went along with it. You don't know why she called you in this morning, and the possibility that perhaps, just perhaps, she might unlock your cock cage and actually allow your dick to get hard flashes through your mind.

She smiles when you step into the room. "Good morning, sweetie. I have a treat for you..." And without warning she takes off the short shirt she sleeps in, and her generous breasts swing free, breasts you haven't seen for almost a year now, breasts that you ache to feel in the palm of your hand, against your face, on your lips. A whimper escapes you. The only thing she has on is a pair of practically transparent panties, and you hope against all hope that she'll take them off. You're so intoxicated by her nudity, your own wife's nudity, that you almost miss the obvious.

"Do you like them?" And that's when you see the nipples bars, and the chain hanging from her belly button. Your eyes open wide. What has she done? "Dont be mad," she says, "it was Tyrone's idea. He says he likes his sluts decorated, so he brought me to this guy he knows. That guy started with the chain, just as a warm up, but then he had me take off my shirt and he spent some time playing with my nipples to make them hard.

It was so humiliating to be fondled like that by a complete stranger, while Tyrone sat there commenting on how my big tits were all people looked at when I moved anyways, and how my new decorations would make them stand out even more and everyone would know I'm a slut. And then the guy punched a hole through my nipples and put the bars in, and my nipples have been hard and erect ever since. It's quite a sight when I wear a tight shirt, I can tell you, especially since Tyrone forbids me from wearing a bra.

"And now it's your turn, sweetie. Tyrone wants you to choose what my next decoration will be. He says if you do a good job, he might even give me back the key to your cock cage. You'd like that, wouldn't you? So what do you think? Maybe a ciit ring with a bell attached, so that I jingle when I get rammed from behind? How about a tattoo? Tyrone suggested a straight-up ASS SLUT tattooed on my ass cheeks, which should be a big hit when I wear my thong bikini at the beach, or a tasteful PROPERTY OF TYRONE across my chest? Tyrone likes the idea of a big tongue stud ** he says it would really make my blow jobs spectacular. What do you think? It's up to you, sweetie."

He forbids me from wearing a bra