It's a special treat, for my lovers only. Not for whipped hubbies in chastity cages

"This is what you wanted to see? My boobs? You've been bugging me for the past two weeks to see them, whining and crying and complaining and begging. I'm just sick of it.

"So here, have a good look, a good eyeful. Commit them to memory, because you're not going to see them for a long while now. And believe me, you'll pay for this. I was going to keep you in that chastity cage for one more month only, but now that you've pissed me off you'll stay in there for at least three months, if not more.

"And yes, I know it hurts. Your dickie is trying to get hard, isn't it? And it can't, of course, not in its little cage. Why do you think I'm showing my breasts to you? I want you to suffer, to punish you for being so annoying and needy.

"So look at my tits, look at them hard. Can you imagine running your hands over them, grasping them, squeezing them? Pinching the nipples, maybe even sucking on them? Just picture your dick sliding right here between them, with me pushing them around you, wrapping you up. Wouldn't that feel nice? Let me show you what happens when they get squeezed, like this. Mmmm... That feels amazing. Fuck, this is making me hot. I'm going to have to go and find myself some boy toy tonight to bone me real good, one that enjoys getting a tit job from a hot woman.

"What are you looking at? Are you looking at my thong? You're thinking of my tight little cunny barely hidden under here, aren't you? Does it make your little dickie hard to imagine it, all glistening and ready to welcome a thick hard shaft inside? Maybe I should just pull the material to the side and give you a good look? Would you like that? Well, tough. You're going to have to imagine it, because I'm not showing you my cunny, not tonight, not ever. It's a special treat, for my lovers only. Not for whipped hubbies in chastity cages."

Does it make your little dickie hard