Its hard to believe that its male there on the bed

Its hard to believe that its my husband there on the bed. No, not the one sitting up, the one laying on his back, getting fucked while receiving a hand-job. Do you have any idea how long it took me to convince him to try cross-dressing, and how much work it was for me to make it so sexy for him, so that I could build up the association between being dressed, and pure pleasure?

That alone took two years. Convincing him to start taking female hormones was another struggle, but not as big as getting him to agree to let me start having sex with other men! But as the female hormones kicked in after I upped the dosage, he became more passive and easier to control. That was when I turned him into my personal maid.

When I told my hubby that I had a new stud moving in with us, he was accepting of it right away. I picked a dominant man who likes to fuck me all the time. as well as him! It turns me on so much to see my husband looking so feminine, with real boobs growing on his chest, as my lover does the same thing to him that he does to me.

Hubby is happy as a feminized cuckold maid, and I'm getting great sex all the time, plus I never have to do housework! I really do have it all. Love, sex, a husband who never fights with me, and a house slave. What woman in my situation wouldn't be happy?

Hubby is happy as a feminized cuckold maid