Its really not very hard to get your man to let you cheat on him

Its really not very hard to get your man to let you cheat on him! Take my advice, and you can be having sex with any guy you want. Really!

First of all, guys love porn. They are easily overwhelmed by visual stimulation, whereas we are more emotionally driven! So get him a subscription to Playboy and Hustler. Buy him porn DVDs. Give the gift of online download services. In just a few months, he'll be hooked, and won't even know that he's now a porn addict. Good.

Now you've got him! The next step is to start being needy, especially in bed. He'll be used to passive woman who do what their man wants, like in his porn videos. So he'll get more and more upset at you. It will be hard to take, but you must do this! At some point he will snap and pick a fight. That is your chance to tell him "you just want me to be like those girls in your videos!". And he will say "yes". Aha! Now you can seal the deal.

A few days later, have a little talk with him. Tell him you understand how much it turns him on to watch women getting fucked by different men. Tell him you understand and accept this. And tell him he's right, you should be more like the women in his video collection. Then say you want to be just like them; you want to make a sex tape for him to watch... but it has to be with another man. It will drive him crazy to think of his favorite things, porn, and you. He'll say "no" at first, so you're going to need to cut him off from having sex with you until he changes his mind. And my dear, he will.

In time, he'll come to you and beg you to do it. Now you're free to go out, have sex with another man, and film it for your poor, hapless husband. He'll enjoy watching it, even more than real sex with you!

And now you can have any man you want, any time, and your husband will be supportive of it, and even encourage you to do it more often! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have sex with the best man. My new husband will be thrilled to know that I spread my legs for his best friend...

I'm going to go have sex with the best man