I've had sex with all these men, not counting you

Your family thinks you married me because you knocked me up. Some of your friends might think that too. But everybody else here knows that its not your baby. Thats because I've had sex with all of them!

When we go back into the party, count all the men you see. I've had sex with all but three of them, not counting you. After I give birth and train you how to care for the baby, I'll go after them, and check them off my list.

Everybody knows that I sleep around. They all smile at me, knowing that they've been inside of me. Dozens of them wonder if they are the real father. They know its not you! I'm marrying you, but not for sex. I have plenty of other men for that! So don't get any ideas that just because I'm your wife now, I might spread my legs for you. That is not going to happen.

You are my husband in name only. You will never have me. I will continue to have sex with other guys. Lots of them. All of your friends, all of you co-workers, and even your family. In return, I'll let you dress up as a woman, and I might even let you jerk off as you watch me in bed with another man. Come on dear. Lets get back to the reception!

I will continue to have sex with other guys