Kick by kick she'll will make your balls swell and bleed

I heard there was a new man in this apartment. Only just moved in have you? How are you finding the place?

It's good that you like it I hope you stay. You see I own all these apartments so I thought I would come round and meet you. I was wondering why you hadn't paid your first weeks rent yet?

Its good you have it now but it is still late and I am afraid there is a penalty for that. If there is ever a late payment you are required to let me kick you in the testicles 100 times. I will administer the kicks whilst wearing these heavy heels and I will kick you full force. I hope you don't think this to cruel of me but I always try and inflict as much damage as I can to the testicles and these shoes let me do that.

You will stand with your legs apart while I carry out the punishment. Kick by kick I will make your balls swell and bleed. While I will slowly reduce your testicles to bruised balls of mush with my kicks. I take pride in causing a painful and destructive punishment. Which is exactly what you will now feel.

Aren't you going to welcome me in?

Reducing your testicles to bruised balls of mush with her kicks