Kicking you in the balls while standing in sand is pretty tiring

Wow I'll just have to stop for a minute. Kicking you in the balls while standing in sand is pretty tiring. Especially in these heels and on such a hot day. While I rest you are to remain standing strait with your hands behind your back and your legs spread.

I hope no one minds you being out here with no clothes on and me kicking you in the testicles. I just thought this would be a good spot for it and I did not want to wait until we got home to punish you. I can't see any one around so we should be ok and hopefully one hears your shouts of pain.

We got up to 56 kicks out of 80 before I stopped and the damage it really starting to show. Both balls are pretty swollen and there are a few good bruises as well. One other thing is that when I decided your punishment I wanted you to feel 80 kicks at full force. With the sand it is difficult to balance so a few of the kicks were not as hard as I would have liked. So I would like to add another 20 kicks to your punishment to also be delivered with full force.

I just really want to see some more swelling and bruising on your balls. One thing I want is to cause you damage right though your testicles so the pain is as intense as possible. That's why I needed to add more kicks to punish you properly.

I think I am ready to continue so by my count you need another 44 kicks don't you. Now I will really make you suffer. I want to hear the echoes of your screams bounce off the cliffs as my foot bounces off your balls.


I hope no one minds her kicking you in the testicles