Knowing that your wife will be a lot happier in the arms of another man | Cuckold stories

You really mean it, hubby? I can cuckold you and take a lover? Oh, you hove mode me the happiest wife on the planet! And this will be good for us, too! I'll finally have a lover who can satisfy me and take care of my sexual needs, and you won't be under any pressure to perform with your little dick.

Plus you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your wife will be a lot happier in the arms of another man! You know, you're making out pretty sweet on this deal! I think maybe I should put a cock cage on your little guy! I'll enjoy myself more if I know you're locked away all safe and snug at home! Another plus for you!

Maybe I shouldn't let you touch my body any more, too! After all, it is going to belong to another man. I wouldn't want to cheat on him with you, even if you are my husband! Oh, I'm so excited! I'm going to go over and tell my lover the good news!

Don't be so daft, hubby! Of course I already have a lover! Do you think I would do this if I didn't already have a hot stud ready to go? Well, you have a good weekend and I'll see you Monday! Aren't you going to say you love me? That's so sweet! I knew you loved me! Bye!

Can I cuckold you and take a lover?

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