Life is sweet for a woman with a voracious sexual appetite and a loving cuckold

I can't wait to give birth to you. You are a huge achievement for me. My life has been leading to this moment since I was a kid. When I was about 12 somethings going on around me for years finally clicked.

My mum's many "girls nights" even though she had hardly any female friends, the arguments my parents had and the fact that dad called mum a whore (I didn't know what that was), strange men phoning her all the time or even turning up at the house, the day I got home early from school and spotted a man climbing out of my parents bedroom window.

It all clicked when mum got pregnant and dad was really upset about it even though he'd always wanted a son. But as the pregnancy went on the arguments faded, never to return. They were like young lovers again, dad was devoted to her, they'd kiss and cuddle and when I over heard them whispering one day she called him her "sweet little cuckold" so for years I thought calling someone a cuckold was like calling them sweetheart or honey - which later caused my second boyfriend to break up with me.

But my life really changed after the baby was born. Mum quickly started to see other men and the first night she went out on a "girls night out" I knew what was really happening. When I watched dad fuss over the baby his wife had made by cheating on him with another man (I later found out it was a one night stand who didn't even tell her his name), while she was out looking for yet another guy to fuck I knew that when I grew up that was the kind of man I wanted.

After several failed attempts I finally found the right guy and now he's my "sweet little cuckold". While your "daddy" is feeding you and changing you I'll be out offering my hot wet opening to any likely looking guys who want to use me and lose me. So sweetie, with any luck you'll have lots and lots of little brothers and sisters to play with and a "daddy" who will love you all.

And I'll have a "sweet little cuckold" husband who will adore me even though I've turned him into a glorified baby sitter. And he will be mine forever even if my slutting around is on a scale that makes my mother look like a saint. She taught me a valuable lesson, which I'll teach you in turn: life is sweet for a woman with a voracious sexual appetite and a loving cuckold.

Cuckold husband will be turned into a glorified baby sitter