Lover made her surrender the key to your chastity

Come here little piggy... And orally polish my greasy asshole. You did a sterling job cleaning the toilet... but yet again... you forgot to renew the loo-roll.

And there's no way I'm going to "Club Black-Bred" with a shitty ass. Now... You remember what happened the last time I did that... don't you? Of course you do. Tyronne made me surrender the key to your chastity... didn't he? And that was 13 weeks ago. Since then... you've been denied playtime with Felicity Fleshlight... & it's been torture for you.

Don't worry though. I have been told that tonight... I am allowed to borrow your key... so you're finally going to get those five minutes of freedom I promised you a few weeks back.

Tyronne wants my ass absolutely spotless tonight though... and he has informed me that if it's not... then Him and His buddies are coming round to fuck your little boy puss. Therefore... I think you'd best start licking. You've got just over an hour until my taxi arrives.

Come here And orally polish her asshole