Member of staff is late on a dead line: he must be punished with 50 kicks to the testicles

What do you call this? This report has loads of errors in it and is no where near good enough. I can't tell you just put it together at the last minute. I know there has been a lot of pressure on you since your college left the business but we still need results. We both know that if a male member of staff is late on a dead line then he must be punished with 50 kicks to the testicles. I think you rushed this to avoid being late.

If you had explained that you needed more time I would have understood you could have taken the punishment and handed it in next week. I would have gone easy with the kicks and we could have done it privately so no one else knew. I am a understanding woman and 50 kicks is not that harsh really. You know that you need to be punished for it being late and for trying to cheat the system don't you?

That's good I see you are sorry but we must do this. So you get 50 kicks for being late and 30 kicks for not admitting it. Also I will not go easy on you these kicks will be hard and I will aim to maximize pain and damage. I think we can both agree that that is a fair punishment.

While I am here have you done the accounting report it is due in an hour?

So you just need 30 min to finish it off do you? Normally that would be ok but as I will be kicking you in the balls you won't have time to finish it will you?

Its ok to admit you need more time you can had it in net week but that is an extra 50 kicks because it is late. So that is 130 hard kicks to the testicles that's quite a lot you'll be in pain for days afterwards. Your testicles will be very damaged and swollen but you deserve it.

Its ok I know you are sorry but we both know we must do this so take off your clothes.

Stand with your legs apart and your arms behind your back. Are you ready to be punished?

Ballbusting kicks will be hard to maximize pain and damage