Mistress will kick balls, stomp them and you will take it

No no no. What do you mean you want me to stop? That is not how this works and I have told you this before. I will do what I want to your balls. I will kick them, stomp them and what ever else I want to do and you will take it. It does not matter how bad the pain gets you should be happy to be pleasing me.

I want today's ballbust to be a heavy one. I was looking forward to inflicting serve pain and I also want to damage your testicles. I like the idea that what I am doing is causing lasting damage and will take you a long time to recover. I don't want you complaining about preserving your testicles. Next thing you'll want limits and that will never happen!

You know I have to punish you now don't you?

Good I am glad we can agree on that. It will have to be a very cruel punishment as well I think that is only fair. I wanted to have a fun session of ball kicking but you ruined that so now you must pay the price. So rather than punishing the outside of your testicles with more kicks I am going to punish the inside of them.

I have a box with barbed needles in it that I think will be perfect. First I will tie you down then one by one I will work these needles though your testicles. I will put 5 needles in each ball and then when in place I will twist and turn them.

Then the little barbs on the needles will cut and slice inside your testicles. Each needle will be turned round many times. I imagine that will be very painful for you. Maybe then you will behave correctly during ballbusting sessions.

I know its sounds bad but we both know you need to be punished and we both know that this is a fair punishment.

I am glad you can accept that. Come on now follow me into the next room and we will begin.

Girl will do what she wants to your balls