Mother laughed when she saw what wife did to me

My wife came home unexpectedly. She laughed when she saw what was being done to me.

My mother and my wife, as well as her whole family, didn't really get along. My mother thought my wife's family didn't act "proper" enough for her tastes. My mother and wife exchanged perfunctory pleasantries before my mother packed up to leave.

My wife then ripped into me. Asking if I was turned on by my mother leashing my balls and sticking a vibrator up my ass. I tried to tell her that she only wanted grandchildren and was trying to increase my sperm levels. She broke out in laughter on that.

She then told me I would be accompanying her on her date tonight. She said if my mother wanted my balls full, she would tell her lover to bring all his female family members to torment me. And, to ensure I didn't leak a drop, she banded my ball sack before we left for the night.

She banded my ball