My buddy reached over and parted my wife's panties

As the night went on, the drinks flew fast, and the talk grew bolder. Articles of clothes were shed, dares were made. Finally, my buddy reached over and parted my wife's panties.

She just watched, as did I. As his thumb began to push into her pussy, she bit her finger! His finger went in easily! She was all ready wet, just waiting for him to take the next step!

As he began to vigorously rub her clit, I just watched, frozen in place, horrified how easy it was to take my wife from me, yet scared to breath, lest I break the mood and she stop her seduction from continuing. As my buddy continued to arouse her, I heard his zipper go down as he started to fish out his cock!

I knew what he was going for! I could have stopped it! But I just watched, my own hard-on bursting against my seam! I prayed I wouldn't come until I saw just how far they were going to go...

His thumb began to push into my wife's pussy