My cuckold husband was held in chastity for two months

After being a cuckold held in chastity for two months, my husband was begging me all the time to let cum. I agreed, but only if it was on my terms.

Just like everything else in his life now! I got him hard, then tied off his balls so he couldn't get soft. It was torture for him! First he couldn't get hard for months, because of the chastity cage. Now he was hard, but he still couldn't cum! I kept telling him he wasn't a real man anymore. That was when I showed him the strap-on I was wearing.

I lubed it up, and told him I'd give him a release if he begged me to fuck him with it. He gave a weak nod, and I went at it. It felt good to fuck him, to get back for all he had done to me! I really pounded him, then started to roughly jerk him off.

At least he was able to cum, and you should have seen the look on his face! Of course, I told him now he was a woman, since he was on the receiving end of a big cock. And that meant that from now on, he was going to have to wear panties, along with my clothes.

I told him he could shave his legs now, or put his chastity cage back on. What a fool! He was so scared of being feminized that he chose chastity again! Maybe this time I'll make him wait three months for his next orgasm.

I'll make him wait three months for his next orgasm