My hubby always said that I should do it with someone he knew

Now doesn't that feel good, my hands on your big, hard cock? Con you feel my boobs pressing against you? You know, my hubby always said that if I were to do it with some guy, he always wanted it to be someone he knew, someone he could trust not to hurt me. I want it to be you!

I've seen the way you look at me! I remember how you talk to me, the innuendo you say, and the looks you give me! You think I don't see, but I know you're staring at my tits, my ass, my mouth. You wonder what my mouth would feel like on you cock. I bet you do, seeing how hard it is for me! You must really want me.

You know what? I want you, too! It would be so easy, too! Just turn around and take me! I'm already wet! I won't stop you! And my hubby doesn't need to know! This is just between you and me. I know you want it! Why else did you let me take your clothes off?

Why else is your cock dripping pre-cum? Now what are you going to do...? Do you want me to keep teasing and stroking your cock...? Do want to put it in my mouth and have me lick and tongue your balls? Or do you want to... FUCK ME!!! DO IT! MAKE YOUR CHOICE! TAKE ME!! NOW!!!

I want it to be you to cuckold my husband