My husband likes the idea of sharing me with friends

"Margaret?" I asked the attractive woman sitting in the lobby.

She nodded. "Hi - everyone calls me Maggie, & you must be Tim. "I smiled & took a seat across from her. "I understand that you're a writer & want to talk before we go upstairs. "I nodded & sat back.

"That's right..."

"Are you going to write about me?"

"No, it'll be fiction. I'm just trying to get a better handle on how it works & the people involved."

"Good, " she relaxed, "so then you want to know why I come here to fuck the men my husband sends?" I nodded figuring that would be a great spot to start. "Because it gives me & my husband pleasure. My husband likes me to be slutty, likes the idea of sharing me with friends. Pretty good deal actually, I get lots of sex & please my husband to no end, " she laughed.

"Do you like to be slutty?" She smiled & nodded.

"I do, I've really learned to like it. I'm wet right now just thinking about fucking you."

"But you don't know me, how do you feel about getting sent here to fuck a complete stranger?"

"It's exciting! Real exciting- & you're not a complete stranger, my husband knows you enough to send you. I trust him, totally."

"How often do you do this?"

"As often as he wants. Can't we talk upstairs? You can do whatever you want with me. Men like that, & it makes the sex really hot. You are going to fuck me aren't you?" I nodded. "Well let's go, then we can talk more..."

How do your husband feels about getting you fuck a stranger?