My husband tastes the cum of my lover

Hubby isn't happy about licking another man's cum from my pussy. But I am! It was hard at first to see the pain on his face, because I do still love him. But its different, now that he's a cuckold.

He's just a close friend now, someone who lives with me, but who does not share physical contact anymore, let alone the intamacy of sex. He does all the housework, to show me how much he loves me. And as a reward for letting other men fuck me every night, I allow him to lick my pussy after they've left.

If I go out on a date, I hurry back before all of my lover's cum leaks out of me, to be sure that my husband gets his taste. He's only allowed to jerk off while his tongue is licking cum from me, so by now he gets hard just at the thought of doing this. In time, it will become his favorite thing. I'm so happy that he's a cuckold now. I love him so..

But its different, now that he's a cuckold