My lover will be here soon so you're going to have to leave

Sorry honey, but my lover will be here soon, so you're going to have to leave. I know you don't want me to do this, but if you're not going to make love to your wife anymore, then another man is going to have to do it for you. You still haven't gone to see the doctor, have you?

You won't admit that you're not man enough to get it up anymore. If you're not man enough to fuck your wife, then I don't think you're really a man at all! As I told you before, I'll let you stay and watch a real man take care of me, but only if you'll dress up in my clothes.

If you go put on a bra and panties, then pick out a dress, I'll do your makeup and nails, and let you watch as another man takes me, right on our bed. Or you can go out and get yourself a motel room for the night, and just imagine what he's doing to me, where he's cumming inside of me, and how each orgasm he gives me make me want to be with him more and more, instead of you.

What will it be dear? Do you want to go get yourself a place for tonight, or will you put on my bra so you can watch? Either way, I'll be having sex with him tonight.

She'll let you watch another man takes her