My new wife threw her arms around another man and started kissing | Cuckold stories

On my wedding night, my new bride asked me if I wanted to try something kinky. Of course, I said "yes"! She tied me up and teased me, dancing for me and stripping.

It was all cool until she made a call on her cell phone. Moments later, a man walked in the door! As he took off his robe, my new wife threw her arms around him, and started kissing. I strained against my bonds, unable to call out because of the ball gag in my mouth. Helpless, I watched him fuck her in all sorts of ways, for two hours, as my wife shared all of her body with him.

When it was all over, she said "I hope you liked watching. That's all you're going to be allowed to do. I only married you for your money. I'll never have sex with you. Get used to it dear! It's only our first day, and already you've become a cuckold!

I watched him fuck her in all sorts of ways

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