My spouse think she fucks a better man

It may look sweet, but my wife uses her dry hand, roughly rubbing my sensitive skin raw as she dry jacks my shaft! Still, she does talk smack about how her lover takes her, forces her to suck him, shoots his load down her throat, bends her over, takes her and shoves his still hard cock into her until she orgasms and he shoots another fresh load of his spunk deep inside her, deeper than I've ever been!

Despite her rough hand job, I do get hard, and I feel as if she is literally forcing the come out of my body! But when she sees that little bubble of precum, she grabs my balls, pulling them forward, twisting them painfully and making me lose that urge to come. Now with both her hands abusing my sensitive spots, she demands to know why I haven't come yet. Is it because I don't love her, that I don't find her appealing?

She knows I'm edging closer to coming, but then she'll just let me go in disgust, saying that I don't really love her, that I don't want to have sex with her, that it's a good think she fucks a better man! Naturally, I don't think this, but the result is immediate: the biggest set of blue balls possible, me frustrated beyond belief, and a wife who delights on tormenting me so...

My wife uses her dry hand, roughly rubbing my cock