My wife brought another man into our marriage

When my wife brought another man into our marriage, it was very difficult for me at first! How could I share my wife with another man? How could I let him order her (and me!) around all the time?

First, I had to endure months of terrible agony, as he locked my penis up in a chastity tube. I couldn't even get hard, let alone cum! And he was banging my wife every day, as I was forced to watch. Then I had to undergo "maid training", which mainly consisted of my wife forcing me to dress up as a woman, then doing housework, as she had sex with him.

And then there were the female hormones they made me take, and the testosterone blockers. But once my passions were cooled by the hormones, and I wasn't able to get hard anymore, I was released from my chastity device. And now, when he is making love to my wife, she makes love to me. As a treat, she even lets me lick her pussy after he's cum inside her. Things are so much better now.

He locked my penis up in a chastity tube