My wife is going door to door, looking for men to fuck with

I peek out of my hotel room to see my wife. She is going door to door, looking for men. Whoever she finds, she'll seduce. Then she'll come back to me, so I can go down on her and clean her pussy out, so she can be ready to find another man.

She makes me dress up in the same outfit as hers. I don't like how low cut my red dress is! It shows my bra, since I only have breast forms, and need something to hold them up. My feet are getting uncomfortable after all this time in heels, so its almost a relief to kneel down by the side of the bed, as I start to lick her pussy and clean her up.

I'll go slow, so I don't have to stand up so soon, even though that means I'll have to taste some other man's cum for a longer time. I'm a cuckold, and I must do this to show my wife how much I love her.

I'm a cuckold, and I must obey to my wife