My wife made me watch as another man had sex with her

My wife tied me up to the chair, gagged me, and made me watch as another man came in, took her, ripped her clothes off, and had sex with her! He fucked her so hard that after he pulled out, she just passed out on the bed, overwhelmed with pleasure.

His cum is there inside her pussy, but I can't do anything. I'm still tied up here! He smiled at me as he left, after kissing my wife gently and saying he'd see her again tomorrow. I try to yell, but the ball gag in my mouth prevents that. I can't move. I can't do anything!

He just fucked my wife into oblivion, and I'm helpless do act or do a thing. Why is she doing this to me? Why would she want me to see her having sex with another man? You don't suppose that this has been going on, and this is her way to break the news to me? What am I going to do?

His cum is there inside her pussy