My wife sometimes in the mood to cheat on me

When my wife is in the mood to cheat on me, she just gets on the bus going downtown, dressed like this. It doesn't take long for her to meet some men. She can have her pick of them. I suspect that sometimes she sees multiple guys in the same evening, but that is only a guess based on how much cum she returns with inside of her.

Sometimes it is quite a bit! She wants me to go down on her and suck it out of her, but I find the thought of eating another man's cum disgusting! She says that its the only way I'm allowed to touch her anymore, and I do have to say that I've been considering giving it a try.

But ew! I don't want to do that! I want things to go back to how they were, back when I used to have sex with her. But she says I'm a cuckold now, and we can never go back. I can't let her leave me though. If word got out that I couldn't get hard with her, what woman would ever want to date me? I'm stuck in a sexless marriage now.

It doesn't take long for her to meet some men