My wife, standing in the creek with some naked guy

Through the bushes, I spied my wife, standing in the creek with some naked guy! And once again, his cock was WAY bigger than mine, and he wasn't even erect yet!

My frustration grew, not only at my wife, who had been cuckolding me for years... Hell, you'd think I'd be used to it by now!

No, what really got me was that she had put me in a chastity cage, so although she could have sex whenever she wanted, I couldn't even so much as rub one out, and this sight of this guy starting to put the moves on my wife really caused my cock to swell in it's cage! Then I spied between my wife's breasts my key! She still had on my key while she was trolling for guys! I could feel my frustrations sink into my blue balls,

making them even heavier with pent up lust! I wish they would just leave and go fuck each other somewhere! A dip in the cool water might help calm the churning feelings throbbing in my balls...

His cock was WAY bigger than mine