My wife sure knows how to attract men at bars

My wife sure knows how to attract men at bars! When I drop her off, she has me pour a glass of water all over the front of her. Since she doesn't wear a bra, it really draws mens eyes to her breasts!

She won't even need ten minutes. She'll pick out a guy, make him buy her a drink, then she'll led him out of the bar by the hand. I will have to drive them to our house, as they make out in the back seat. I'll drop them off and watch them walk in my door.

I'll have to go get a room for the night at a cheap motel, while my wife gets into my own bed with some strange man she just met. She tells me that she likes to pick out studs who can go two or three times with her. It feels so awful to know that other men are having sex with my wife now, intead of me! But I love her so much, and I would do anything for her.

I feel grateful that she still stays with me as my wife, even if we don't have sex anymore. And so I wait here in the car, knowing that it won't be long before she returns with some hot young stud in tow.

My wife gets in bed with some strange man