My wife took off with some black guys hours ago

I was flabbergasted as I watched my wife being openly groped on the dance floor! The anger and jealously got the better of me, and I stormed outside to get some air. After a few minutes, I cooled down.

She just was having a little fun! She can't help it if some guy (much less some black dude) takes a few liberties with her. It's all harmless fun... But when I went back in, I couldn't find her any where! The club was crowed and dark, so it was hard to spot anyone among the dancing bodies.

I sat back in my original spot, figuring she'd come back once the song was through... Three hours later as the club closed, the bouncer told me I had to go, as the place was empty. I said I'm waiting for my wife. He just laughed and said that she took off with some black guys hours ago...

Mmy wife being openly groped