My wife will be covered in cum and sweat and completely dazed

I really wish my wife would stop hanging out with the little slut she met at evening class. She'd only make love about once a week with the lights off. But in the space of just three months she's completely changed. Now she's getting passed around at parties several times a week and thanks to her new friend's fetish it's always black guys.

Apparently there isn't a day when they don't come by our house in ones or twos while I'm at work looking for a quick fuck or a blowjob. I regularly find cum stains on our sheets. In the last couple of weeks there have even been a couple of them whoever come to the house while I've been there and without so much as a glance in my direction she's taken these guys straight into the bedroom to fuck.

But the worst times are when I get a call at 3 or 4am and have to go and pick her up at her friend's house. My wife will be covered in cum and sweat and completely dazed, or possibly stoned, sometimes she'll be crying and asking for me to forgive her. I tell her I do and that I love her at which point her 'friend' will laugh and say something cruel like "The only crying she was doing earlier was when she was crying out for more hard black cock and thick creamy cum for her hungry pussy. And she didn't seem to give a shit if you loved her or not."

A couple of times her friend has even called me early and tricked me into going over there when they were just getting started. Then I had to sit and watch as my wife degraded herself by begging for these guys to fuck her and even screaming for them to knock her up.

All I could do was sit there with my coat in my lap, watching her in action as I stroked my cock and hoped no one noticed. Now her friend has told me she's running a pool on how long it will take my wife to get pregnant by one of these guys. I've got a fifty on her lasting another two months.

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