No matters what happened last night

Good Morning, hubby. We did enjoyed the party with our friends yesterday, didn't we? The worst part was that huge mountain of dishes we all left for you to do!

Yes dear, the party was great and don't worry about the dishes, they will be done in a few minutes. I have almost finished with them.

Of course I don't worry about them, dear. They are your duty the cause of concern is why is not my breakfast ready.

I cannot see my coffe and my toasts on the table and... where is my newspaper?

Well honey, I am still cleaning the kitchen, take a shower all will be ready for you by then. All those dishes toke me a bit more time that I had planned, you know...

Sorry dear, but that's up to you, I want my breakfast ready whenever I wake up. No matters what happened last night. Is that clear?

Dirty dishes is your duty