Now that I'm a cuckold, wife only has sex with other men | Cuckold stories

My wife loves to tease me and torture me. Now that I'm a cuckold, she only has sex with other men, and she makes me go around the house wearing women's clothes.

She'll lure me into the bed, get me all aroused and excited, but she won't let me have sex with her! With us both wearing pantyhose, I can't penetrate her, and she knows it.

The moment that either of us takes them off, she suddenly loses all interest in me, and I'm suck with an erection, left alone. The only time she'll make me cum is when she uses her hand on me, but only if I tell her how much I want to see her get fucked by another man. As I beg her to go on a date with another guy, and beg her to please have sex with him all night long, she'll make me cum in my panties.

Then she'll laugh, get dressed up, and head out on her date. "Its what you want dear" she reminds me as she heads out the door, ready to seduce some stranger and let him fuck her all night long.

My wife loves to tease me and torture me

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