Okay, , the young student in the blue sweater Did you have your hand raised

"A frequently asked question at Modem Mothers Movement conferences is whether male orgasms are necessary in terms of the health of the male. M3 studies, and these have been independently verified over the years, have consistently shown that there is no need for a male to ever have an orgasm. And I mean EVER.

Now, M3 does not take a public stand on whether males should be keep in permanent chastity, although we provide all the tools necessary to accomplish that result very efficiently, safely and hygienically. Safely, I should say, for as long as the male does as he is told. Okay, thank you, any questions? Okay, , the young student in the blue sweater.

Did you have your hand raised?" "Yes, thank you. My brother is in chastity. My mom and I have a dual key M3 360 Gelder with the Iris Blade technology, and my mom wanted me to ask whether it's necessary for us to allow him to have an orgasm in order to use his sperm so his wife, who's agreeable, can give my mother a true genetic grandchild?"

"Very good question. And I'm glad to advise you that his orgasm is certainly not necessary if you think his having one would interfere with his conditioning or training, or is just something you or your mother finds disgusting - as a lot of women do, or for any other reason or for no reason at all. Certainly, with the use of broad-point syringes, trained M3 Clinic Staff have shown that it can easily extract sufficient sperm as often as is needed to allow a woman to give birth to the child of a 100% permanently chastised male.

And although we sell a kit that allows you to do the extraction at home, it's fairly difficult to do there without the restraint devices available at the M3 Clinic. But you can always bring your brother to any M3 Clinic and we can help you do it there without the annoying thrashing that invariably takes place at home. I mean, some screaming and struggling is necessary, but you certainly don't want to damage the sperm with any anesthesia."

"That is wonderful, really wonderful! And as a med student, I am sincerely interested in personally doing the extraction and, at the same time give me a natural opportunity to establish further authority over him and study his reaction to having me do the actual extraction." "Excellent thought. Talk to me later and we can schedule the procedure at a time you and your mother can both attend. And, if any of the males in your class wish to allow such procedure on themselves in advance, we can arrange some practice time at the local M3 facility.

 That is wonderful, really wonderful