Once destroyed she'll remove the broken testicle by cutting your sack and pulling it out

It's just the two of us now, all the other cleaners have gone home for the day. I just have something important I need to discuss with you. Earlier today one our the vases upstairs was broken. I questioned two of the girls and they both said it was you. You have been a good worker and I am surprised but they both blamed you for it. We both know the house rules on this mater and I am sorry to say but I will have to punish you.

The vase was a gift from a friend and she was a bit upset that it was broken. I told her I would punish the man responsible by kicking him in the testicles 50 times wearing a heavy pair of platform heels but she aid that was not enough. I offered to double the punishment be she still was not happy. So I offer to triple it and she liked that idea and said she would like you to suffer a permeant loss for your crime.

I really like you and think your a great guy but I have to keep my friend happy and honor her request. I know it sounds cruel but I have to do it to you. I hope you understand. I did not want it this way but she wants you to suffer for this. I am really sorry but enough sentiment we both know I have a job to do.

As Punishment for the crime of breaking the vase you will suffer the following punishment. You will strip naked and stand before me with your hands behind your back and your legs spread. As requested I will administer 150 full force kick to your testicles with these shoes. 150 kick will be the minimum you will feel to your balls. Part of the punishment requires me to rupture one of your testicles.

First I will split it open though kicks and then using my hands I will carefully torture the testicle. I will dig in my nails causing you deep damage and then I'll slowly crush it. I'll flatten it completely causing you the most pain you have ever felt. This should take at least an hour to do and as an kindness to you I will allow you to lie down to feel this stage of the punishment.

Once destroyed I will remove the broken testicle by cutting open you sac and pulling it out. I will give the testicle to my friend to show her your have suffered and hopefully she will be happy with that.

You look really scared are you going to be ok while I do all this to you?

Thank you for understanding and accepting the sentence. I was a bit worried about doing this myself but knowing you accept it makes it a lot easier. I admire your bravery standing here ready to take such a cruel punishment. You should take off your clothes it is time we started.

Stand in the position. You actually look quite good naked and you have a long penis and a good pair of testicles. It is a shame they won't ever look the same again. Before I begin the punishment I just want you to know I am sorry and did not want you to have to suffer so much. Also thank you for your cooperation and for accepting the sentence. You have made this a great deal easier for me and I might even enjoy myself a bit.

Are you ready for me to start?

Thank you.

Cutting open your ball sack and pulling testicle out