Cuckold captions - page 5

The shower starts and I know they're there

She has him to love

I wake up, groggy and alone. A sense of sadness and loneliness wash over my heart threatening to overwhelm me until I can get my mental defenses in place, to which the soul crushing despair to just a dull murmur.

I remember my life and what lead up to this moment as my eyes adjust to the darkness around me. I'm still here, in my basement. Maybe it's over and I can be free..., but no! I hear her giggles, her laughter.

Sometimes she did feel guilty about having sex with another man

His fingers slid into her

Sometimes she did feel guilty about having sex with another man. When she got married, she truly thought that she would be faithful and true to her husband. But after a few years of his small cock and his insipid love making, she began to yearn for more...

And when her ex called to meet for lunch, she said sure. And when she brought him home, she felt a familiar tingle, but knew it was just a fantasy. But as he turned to leave, he gave her a hug and she felt him though his pants! And he was hard I and she hung onto him a little too long. And he knew it. And he kissed her. And she responded deeply kissing back!

There was my wife with fresh cum dripping down her top

Ny wife let some guy shoot his load on her

As I walked in to the restaurant, I stopped, utterly stunned! There was my wife, whom I dropped off mere minutes ago, with fresh cum dripping down her top!

I looked around, but I could see no guys nearby! She acted as if it wasn't there! What could have prompted her to let some guy shoot his load on her like that, then just sit there, nonchalantly? And what the hell should I do about this...?

She proclaimed me cuckold material

I felt a second hand grab my hard cock

It was set up! My wife wanted me to see a therapist, said it would be beneficial to our marriage, but all they did was talk about her having sex with other men! When I objected, the doctor suggested an exercise to prove I didn't want my wife with other men.

She had me strip then my wife held my cock as they talked about how much better a bigger cock would feel. My wife must have palmed some lotion, because her slippery hand made me erect! I felt a second hand grab my hard cock!

She no longer had a husband; she had a cuckold!

She took him upstairs and they went to bed

It had taken longer than she expected, but the outcome was never in doubt. She worked in a high paying job, she tubbed elbows with powerful men, and she knew she was going places. He, on the other hand, just worked meager jobs, didn't have many friends, and generally just staved home.

She encouraged that, asking him to do more around the house while she went off networking and partying. In bed, although he was adequate, she discovered he liked to be teased, so she introduced denial and cuckolding themes to him. Oh, how he got excited when she talked that way! She taught him how to go down on her, how to rim her.

Wife takes stranger into our bed and continues to seduce him

She brings this guy into our bedroom

Bad enough she seduced me, getting me naked, trying on a pair of stockings with garters, then tying me up and teasing me to the point of coming...

But then she stops and brings this... guy into our bedroom! She strips him slowly, engorging his huge cock (much bigger than mine!), then takes him into our bed and continues to seduce him! He's ready to jump on her and fuck her brains out, but she is in control, slowly seducing him, teasing him, enticing him, keeping him excited, yet moving at her pace as she rubs his chest, kissing him deeply as his leaking cock runs against her.

Tell me how I shouldn't be going out with other men

Women need to find another man to satisfy them

Go on, hubby! Pull your little wanker out! Start stroking it while you tell me how I shouldn't be going out with other men, how most married women don't need to find another man to satisfy them. Tell me why I should give up the feeling of a real cock, so long, so thick, so worm and throbbing, in my hands, between my breasts, in my ass, in my mouth, in my pussy!

I've got fleshlight wired to shock dickless hubby

Milking of my dickless hubby

Thank you for connecting in with us for my yearly milking of my dickless hubby! This year, I've decided to let him fuck a fleshlight, but I've got it wired to shock him if he gets too close to coming.

I hope you all got your bets in as to when he will come. Last year, I strung him out for three hours, a new record. I think we can beat that today! OK, if you are all ready, I'll have him put his "lover" on and we'll begin...

Huge cocked stranger who easily seduced my wife

My wife is keeping his huge cock in between her legs

I mournfully walk away from the two new found lovers: My wife, the woman I have loved for all these years, and this huge cocked stranger who easily seduced my wife with his superior cock! He hasn't even fucked her yet!

Hell, she hasn't even touched his cock, at least not since I spotted them together! Yet here I watch as they ardently embrace, their heads moving as their tongues intertwine, her hands holding his head as she moves her legs between his, keeping his huge cock on display between them!

Lovers just come into our house accost my wife openly

My wife is brazen about me being a cuckold

So bold, so brazen is my wife about me being a cuckold that even her lovers just come into our house, accost my wife openly, and she will comply with their crude advances, dropping whatever she was doing (in this case, making us breakfast), and willingly go and submit to whatever carnal desires her lovers demand... I just watch her go. And wait for her to return...