Part of being my pet is suffering: crawl back into your corner until your erection goes away

Yes, I know they're perfect. They feel amazing.

But you'll have to take my word on that, freak. Part of being my pet is suffering. I hope you know that. Now crawl back into your corner. Nose against the wall until your erection goes away. I don't want to see it again all week. Hard-ons are off limits to you. So is looking at my body. You stare at my feet whenever I am in the room.

BTW, I got your new chastity belt today but they sent the wrong size. It's way too small. I ordered another one but it may take a few weeks. We'll have to cram your penis in there somehow. I think we can do it with some lube. It won't allow you any room to grow so best keep that dick in check.

Now, my man is here so just sit there and stay quiet. Here, a pair of my panties in your mouth should help... Uh-oh... there it goes. Down, boy.

You stare at her feet whenever she is in the room