Past ballbusting sessions have been light but for the last one she really went for it

I was just getting ready for bed when I realized something. You haven't had a ballbusting in a while. While you have been good recently I feel it is important that testicle torture happens regularly to maintain discipline. I am sure you understand the importance of this as well don't you?

I have noticed that you have been very well behaved since your last punishment. Over the past few years the ballbusting sessions have been quite light but for the last one I really went for it. It made me feel so good I really enjoyed it. I put on my big heavy platform heels and kicked as hard as I could.

I normally don't give you more than 50 kicks in a session but last time it was 100 kicks. I loved to see the pain you were in, I really liked watching your testicles swell up and the bruises form as I went for maximum damage. It was a great feeling as the front of my platform heel landed perfectly on your testicles over and over.

After the punishment you suffered for days and it was quite a long recovery time but you have behaved much better since then. Which is why I feel it is important to be hard on you and make you suffer not just pain but lasting testicle damage.

So to keep you in line I will administer the punishment again. That's why I am wearing these heels babe. Seeing as testicle damage is the key to controlling you I was thinking we explore that more. Rather than 100 kicks I will give you 120 that will really be cruel. I have found out that as testicles are kicked first they swell, then they bruise and swell but if you keep going then you damage then in the center. I like the idea of damaging your testicles to the core and them bleeding on the inside.

While you won't enjoy this punishment I ask you to embrace it and support me. The world is different now and women are expected to control men and this is the best way to do it. When this is over I'll be happy you have been punished and you can be happy that I am happy so we will both benefit from your damaged testicles.

Its getting late and it will take a while to administer all those kicks so we should make a start. Take off your underwear I want to kick you naked testicles not just to do the most damage but I want to admire there slow destruction. As I kick you I want you to see this as a positive thing and welcome it.

Ok babe are you ready?

You'll suffer not just pain but lasting testicle damage