Place your testicles in between these doors and then she'll slam them

Hey we have some time before we have to be at work so do you want to have some fun?

Great! Grab one of my hair ties and wrap it round your balls nice and tight. Then come and stand here I have a really fun idea. I'll close one of these doors and you place your testicles against it then I slam the other one shut as hard as I can.

The two doors will never touch and all the fore will be absorbed by your balls. Slam! Slam! Slam! It will be so much fun. I want to make your balls all big a swollen so you'll need plenty of slams of the door.

I don't want you flinching or pulling your balls back as I slam the door. So if you do I'll grab your balls in my hand a squeeze them as hard as I can for 2 minutes.

You know how intensely painful it is when I do that to you so you better not move. I want to see how many slams your balls can take before they start bleeding. I just love a pair of broken, mushy balls in the morning.

So come on stand in position. I hope you were not planning on needing a pair of working testicles any time soon?

She loves a pair of broken, mushy balls