Punishment is to be hard for you to suffer lasting pain for days

give you 100 full force kicks to the testiclesdcaption.net/ew-as-if-didnt-you-read-the-terms-of-the-contract-you-signed-with-me-in-our-pre-nup/">were not going to have sex I need to talk to you about some thing. I have noticed you have been a bit tired lately and you have been a bit distant. I know it is because you are working all those extra hours at work to buy me that new car and I am very grateful.

It is just that it has become a problem and even though it is not your fault I think it is only fair that you are punished.

You are a great guy and I know you do work hard. But you know that if you do some thing wrong then you must admit it and you must be punished for it. It may sound cruel but I think we can both agree that it is only fair you are punished. I also can't go easy on you and must ensure your punishment will be painful and prolonged I hope you understand.

I will give you 100 full force kicks to the testicles; I think that is an appropriate amount. At the end I want to see you with two damaged and swollen balls. I want you to feel each kick and take them all standing up. If you flinch then I will give you 4 additional kicks to your testicles. If you kneel or fall down then I will administer an additional 12 kicks to your testicles.

I will continue kicking you until every kick has been administered correctly and will full force. This punishment is designed to be hard or you and for you to suffer lasting pain for days but hopefully you wont suffer too much permeant damage to your testicles. While I am kicking you even though it is painful I want you to remember I love you and I am doing this for us.

Before I start the kicks to show you agree with me and admit you deserve to be punished. I want you to stand in from of me with your legs spread. Then put your hands on my hips and look me in the eyes and apologies. While you are doing this I will knee you repeatedly in the balls as hard as I can.

If you can take your time and explain to me why you deserve this punishment and why you are sorry while I knee you I'll know you do agree with me. Once I am satisfied you are sorry and welcome this punishment then I'll stop kneeing you, give you a quick kiss then I'll administer the kicks.

You look like you are ready, that's good now stand in the perfect sport so when I lift my knee it lands square in your balls and does the most damage.

Good now tell me why you deserve this punishment and take as long as you need.

I love you.

Her knee lands square in your balls and does the most damage